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Pikmin 4 Character Creator Shown Off in New Trailer

Pikmin 4 Character Creator Shown Off in New Trailer
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Pikmin 4 Character Creator Shown Off in New Trailer

It turns out players in Pikmin 4 will use a character creator to make their own avatars. A new trailer for the game goes over the process, while detailing why people will insert themselves into the game. Not only did Captain Olimar crash land, but the Rescue Corp going to rescue him also crashed. So now it’s up to the player to head on an emergency mission to rescue all of them.

The Pikmin 4 character creator trailer goes through the process of making an “ID badge,” which also acts as your avatar. It begins by picking one of six hairstyle options. Then, you choose a body type. Four options appear there. The other tabs in the teaser suggest people can choose facial features, hairstyles, hair colors, and suit colors.

Here’s the full trailer.

As a reminder, the game’s development was first announced back in 2015. However, it didn’t really show up in full until a September 2022 Nintendo Direct.

Pikmin 4 will come to the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2023.

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