Pinstripe Follows An Ex-Minister Into The Depths Of Hell


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Pinstripe follows a former minister, Teddy, into the depths of a frozen vision of hell, seeking his missing daughter in this adventure game.

Players will guide Teddy through six different layers of hell, all while searching for his missing three-year-old daughter, Bo. She has been kidnapped by the perverse Mr. Pinstripe, and in chasing the two of them down into hell, Teddy and the player will find out more about their deaths, as well as the dark events in Teddy’s past.

Players will have to solve puzzles using Teddy’s slingshot to progress, and can also use it to fend off some of the nastier denizens of hell. Players can also rely on their faithful pet, George, to help sniff out clues when they feel they are lost.

Pinstripe’s look is inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and Alice in Wonderland, and save for its voice acting, is all the work of a single developer, Thomas Brush. It is available now on Steam.

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