Pipe Push Paradise Is An Open-World Plumbing Puzzle Game


Pipe Push Paradise will put a heroine’s plumbing skills to the test, tasking her with fixing the pipes throughout an open-world plumbing paradise in order to get the water flowing.


Pipe Push Paradise will have players exploring an island filled with pipe organizing puzzles. To complete them, players need to connect the water flow from one pipe to the other end, doing so by using the pieces they have been provided. These various bend and straight pipes can be rolled over to change their orientation, but the pipes roll realistically, flipping and turning as they move, which players will have to factor in as they shuffle them around.

Pipe Push Paradise offers forty-seven different puzzles spread out across the game’s open world, as well as a few characters they can meet who also share life on this island filled with pipes.


Pipe Push Paradise is set to release on January 19, according to its Steam page.

Alistair Wong
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