The Pirate’s Fate Is A Romantic Visual Novel Of Change & Choices


The Pirate’s Fate is a romantic visual novel of piracy, change, and the importance of who the player is in the story, with characters constantly changing mindsets, and even appearances, based on the decisions the player makes throughout the story.


Mila is the newest member of the Dread Pirates, a motley crew out to navigate storm-swept seas, treasure-laden coves, or just a rowdy tavern. Their main goal is to find a set of magical coins that have the power to change someone into what they wish to be, and it is up to the player whether they wish to be a ruthless treasure hunter, a kindhearted pirate, or a cunning leader in order to find these coins before other pirates do.

Depending on how the player works through the story, though, characters can change in drastic ways. There are many different characters the player can romance throughout The PIrate’s Fate, but these characters can become completely different people based on how the player progresses. Characters will undergo changes in personality, appearance, age, gender, or species, becoming entirely different people based on your progression. This can make romance a slippery, complex thing, but also gives players many different potential loves.


The Pirate’s Fate is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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