Planetarian Anime Staff To Begin Crowdfunding In Japan For New OVA On November 29


The staff behind the 2016 web anime for Key’s kinetic novel planetarian are set to begin crowdfunding via the Japanese platform Campfire for a new OVA to celebrate the game’s 15th anniversary since its release in 2004. [Thanks, ultimatemegax on Twitter!]

The new OVA is set to be based on Snow Globe, a spinoff prequel short story collection that fans have asked to be animated for quite some time now. Their goal is to amass a total of 30 million yen (around $276,150 USD) to create an around 25-minute OVA. If successful, the OVA will be animated by Okuruto Noburu, a new studio created by former David Production staff. Naokatsu Tsuda, director of the planetarian movie, will return to supervise, with new director Jin Tamamura helming the project.

The project will have 64 days to reach its goal, although sadly, the project page states that it is limited to only those living in Japan. You can find the project page here.


planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet is available on PC, PlayStation Portable, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

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