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Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Puts The Plants On The Attack For Once



The Plants vs. Zombies formula has been followed for years now. The plants are always defending from the attacking zombies. That’s how it’s always been. But Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 will invert that classic set-up when it arrives on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in spring 2016.


The game starts out with the zombies having already taken over Suburbia, which has been renamed Zomburbia, as they’ve fashioned it to their undead preferences – a lot less sunshine, much more gloom and doom. And so this time it’s the turn of the plants to attack while the zombies are forced to defend their territory. This is reflected in the new four player co-op mode called Graveyard Ops (an inversion of the original Garden Ops), in which the zombies have to defend their base from plants and plant bosses


The pre-rendered trailer shown off with the announcement shows off a few new classes. On the plant’s side, there’s a corncob that fires kernels as if a sub-machine gun, and an orange that speeds around using its sliced segments as wheels while firing while is probably orange juice and using a shield to protect itself.



As to the new zombies, there’s an imp that is small, fast, and can fire bullets while performing 360-degree spins. The imp also calls in a mecha that it jumps into at the end of the trailer. Then there’s the superhero zombie known as Superbrains who fires lasers from its fist and performs melee attacks. And last is Captain Deadbeard, who comes with a parrot, a pistol, and a sniper rifle.


As well as online multiplayer and local splitscreen, Garden Warfare 2 can be played in single player with AI bots making up the numbers.

Chris Priestman