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Plastic Memories For PS Vita Gets Its First Story And Gameplay Details



Following the announcement of 5pb.’s new PS Vita game for Plastic Memories by Steins;Gate scenario writer Naotaka Hayashi, Famitsu has updated with its first story and gameplay details with new screenshots.


Protagonist Tsukasa Mizugaki gets employed by SAI Corp, a company known for the production and management of androids called “Giftia.” He is assigned to the Terminal Services, where they’re tasked with collecting Giftia that have reached the end of their lifespans in order to erase their memories.


To give you an idea as to why this is important, the lifespan of a Giftia is said to be around 81,920 hours. Once they pass their expiration, they start seeing personality disintegration, memory loss, and outbreaks of violence.



Terminal Services is where Tsukasa meets Isla. Together they handle all kinds of work, but she is near the end of her own lifespan…


In the Plastic Memories game you’ll get to follow the story as it is in the original work, or find a different route, allowing you to enjoy your own style of story with Isla and the others.


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Among the numerous routes, if you choose the one that is associated with Isla, it switches to a “Schedule Mode” that allows you to freely choose your schedule for a month. This mode will allow you to select detailed actions in order to activate all kinds of events. Other routes focus more on sub-characters, where you’ll get to see more of them in stories that are original to the game.


Plastic Memories will release in Japan on October 13, 2016 for PlayStation Vita. First-print copies include a “China Dress” costume for Isla, along with a date scenario called “Dokidoki no China Dress.”

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