This Platformer Lets You Take Over NPCs Bodies And Use Their Abilities


Made by Ravenous Games Inc., Infestor is a mobile platformer game that allows people to play as a body-snatching alien blob as they dodge traps and bad guys.


The goal of each of Infestor’s sixty levels is to get from point A to point B without dying. Players can move their little green alien blob left or right, and can have him jump over various traps, such as electrified spikes. Sounds like a pretty typical platformer, right? Well, actually, no.


The thing that sets Infestor apart from the countless other 2D platformer games is that your blobby alien can take over NPCs bodies, allowing you to play as an NPC and use its abilities. For example, if you take over the body of a security guard, then you can use the guard’s gun and shoot other security guards in your way. Or, if there’s a big, heavy box in your way, just take over the body of a construction worker and push that thing out of the way.



If the host NPC gets killed while you are inhabiting their body, then your little green alien jumps out, with no harm done to it. That can be quite handy when there are spikes on the ground or bullets in the air. Most levels require that you take over the body of some unsuspecting NPC to finish the level.


Infestor is currently available on iOS devices.