PlatinumGames Hideki Kamiya Would Like to Revisit Scalebound

PlatinumGames Scalebound

In an interview with IGN Japan, PlatinumGames President Atsushi Inaba and Vice President Hideki Kamiya revealed that they would like to revisit Scalebound. Announced in 2014, Scalebound was a collaborative effort between PlatinumGames and Microsoft. However, in subsequent years, updates about the title became infrequent, and on January 9, 2017 it was announced Scalebound had been cancelled. However, Inaba stated that he would like to have a proper discussion with Microsoft about the potential future of the title.

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Specifically, Inaba and Kamiya said this:

Inaba: As for Scalebound, this is something Kamiya has always wanted to do. So we would like to have a proper discussion with Microsoft.

Kamiya: We have a lot of work to do, and it’s really no use for Microsoft to keep Scalebound. So we would like to do something about it! Phil! Let’s do it together!

However, this isn’t a confirmation that Scalebound will be revived. In April 2022, Microsoft CEO of Gaming Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft was not working on Scalebound in any capacity. He mentioned that while people believed something was in the works, that was absolutely not the case.

Scalebound was previously in development for Xbox One and PC. The title was effectively cancelled in 2017.

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