Play A Deadly Game At A Sorcery School In Visual Novel Ignis Avis Venatio



Ignis Avis Venatio, a visual novel about a 15-year-old boy playing a dangerous game at a sorcery school, is raising funds on Kickstarter after a successful Greenlight campaign.


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Cain Blanchard has enrolled in sorcery school in modern England, with his registration taking place at the same time as the birth of the phoenix. This rebirth, which happens every 500 years, triggers a deadly competition between the students. Now, Cain must choose who to kill, as well as who to date, in his quest to win the game, and the phoenix’s powers, along with it.


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The developers say Ignis Avis Venatio will take from 15-20 hours to complete, promising action sequences and comedy despite the lethal end for some of the students. They have already received basic funding, and are currently striving for stretch goals.

Alistair Wong
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