Play As The Messiah In Gory Cartoon Beat ‘Em Up Fist Of Jesus



Jesus, the son of God, was known for performing miracles. Fist of Jesus is a short film that supposes that one of those miracles was bringing the dead back to life, ergo creating zombies. Now there’s a game based upon this idea.


Still called Fist of Jesus, this is a gory cartoon beat ‘em up in which you play Jesus and slaughter masses of zombies. Not just any old zombies, mind, but cowboys, the Roman Army, and mythological creatures have all been resurrected.


Fist of Jesus is made to feel like a retro style beat ‘em up, so don’t expect anything revolutionary, except maybe the fact that you’re playing as Jesus and Judas against a zombie plague, I guess.


But otherwise, it’s 60 levels of straight up punch-punch action with a few divine punishments thrown in for good measure. There are also mini-bosses and bosses to take on, and a nice touch is the script having been written by the director of the original short film.


Fist of Jesus is available to purchase on Steam right now for $9.99.

Chris Priestman