Nintendo 3DS

Play Mini-Games Like Konami’s TwinBee With Your New LovePlus+ Girlfriends


Konami offers many things to do with Rinko, Manaka and Nene in New LovePlus+. When you’re not going on dates or visiting real-life hot spots with them, you can also sit back and enjoy conversations or casual mini-games with your significant other. Famitsu shares a peek at some of the modes in the game.


The LovePlus Mode lets you use the Nintendo 3DS mic to enjoy conversations with the girl of your choice. The topic will vary according to their moods. They’ll even call you out according to certain time settings you have the game set to.



There will be three different mini-games that you’ll be able to play with them, too, such as Konami’s shoot-em-up game TwinBee, where you’ll be able to team up or compete with your New LovePlus+ lady. (Note that TwinBee is also available as a 3D Classics title on the Nintendo eShop.)


The “Anywhere Date” mode lets you use the 3DS camera to take a picture and make your own original date course with your girlfriend. You’ll be able to tweak settings such as season, time, weather, feeling, and more for your custom date spot.


Finally, here’s a look at the data transfer tool, which will be used to transfer your LovePlus and LovePlus+ data to the new game. The tool will be available to download through the Nintendo eShop.


New LovePlus+ will be released on March 27 for Nintendo 3DS.

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