Play As A Slime Girl In Mobile RPG Antiquia Lost



    Antiquia Lost is the latest mobile RPG available on Android from Kemco. In the game, peace between three distinct tribes is seemingly coming to an end. It’s up to Bine, a young man from a small village, to form alliances with a diverse cast of characters and battle the dark forces in the land to restore peace.


    Antiquia Lost


    The three tribes each have their distinctions in battle. Bine is of the Fai tribe, and a well-rounded fighter. The Ruta tribe of slime people are resistant against physical attacks, but weak against magic. Those from the Eath tribe get a stat boost when their HP is low. As Bine’s level of trust deepens with the characters in the game, additional abilities unlock that are specific to their nature. For example, slime girl Safira can unlock the ability to squeeze through small holes.


    Offering players a different twist on the gameplay experience is Lunaria, the story’s heroine who is a descendant of both the Fai and Ruta tribes. Her unique parentage gives her distinctive abilities, like being able to mimic monsters in battle. She consumes gems to improve her stats and learn skills rather than leveling up as the other characters do.


    In addition to monster battles, the game includes arena battles, weapon forging, quests, and achievements. There is also a farming feature, where players plant beans in pots to grow stat-boosting fruits and other rare items.


    Antiquia Lost Battle Screen


    Antiquia Lost has two versions available for Android devices. A Freemium version can be installed for free, and the Premium edition can be purchased for $7.99. Although Antiquia Lost offers optional in-app purchases, the entire game can be accessed without them.


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