Play Two People Trying To Use The Same Body In Visual Novel Amplitude



In Amplitude, the player finds themselves taking over the body of another person after being killed. The catch is that the previous owner of the body is still alive, and you will be sharing the body with them.




It’s up to the player to choose whether they want to be a man in a man’s body, a woman in a woman’s body, a man in a woman’s body, or a woman in a man’s body. These choices affect the player’s available story arcs, relationships, and interactions as they must pretend to be the person whose body they’re occupying.




Stats will assist the player in various decisions and tasks, and can be improved by taking on quests, jobs, and activities in town. Players can also text other characters or take on crafting jobs while searching for their killer or making friends/dating.




A demo of the game is available on Amplitude is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight and funding through IndieGogo.

Alistair Wong
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