Player Decisions Affect The Look & Personality Of Along The Edge’s Heroine



Player decisions not only guide the story, but also slowly shape the look and personality of the main character of visual novel Along the Edge.




Along the Edge tells the story of Daphné, a woman sick of her personal and professional life. She jumps at the chance to leave it all behind when she inherits a family home in a remote part of the country, but soon finds herself facing down a family legacy laced with the occult and witchcraft, needing to decide whether to embrace it or not.




Players can decide how Daphné tackles her new life, with their decisions leading to 38 unique looks and personalities for the heroine. These decisions will also lead to six different plot endings, the destiny and romantic relationships for the main character, as well as the life or death of other characters in the story.




Along the Edge will be available for PC on June 14, with a release on tablets to follow sometime this Summer.

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