Players Control An Unkillable Fighting Spirit In Kologeon



Players control an immortal fighting spirit in action game Kologeon, escaping the confines of the hero’s body in order to use all of its powers. Should that body die, the spirit will live on to find a new one somewhere in the game’s procedurally-generated world.


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Kologeon throws players into a world of enraged demons, letting them tear these beasts apart in high-speed top-down combat using giant weaponry. These unique tools, each forged from demon souls, offer their own combat styles that greatly change how to fight. They can also be enhanced with items that change their powers and properties.




Kologeon exists on two planes – the real and astral worlds. The hero’s spirit can split off from his body in order to access the astral world, where it can manipulate souls, possess demons, and interact with other spirits. While doing so, the player’s body is left behind, unconscious, which adds some risk to using these powers.


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Leaving the body also allows the player to slow time, giving them an advantage over the enemies in the top-down combat. Doing so will damage their corporeal body, though, and should it die, the spirit will have to wander the world until it finds ashes to resurrect a new one so that it can fight and interact with the real world again.


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Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns have begun for Kologeon. It is expected to release in December 2017.

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