Players Shape The Towns And World Of MMO Wild Terra Online



MMO Wild Terra Online throws players into a world driven by their actions, forcing them to hunt, build, craft, explore, and fight to create a safe place for themselves and their allies in this 10th century European world.




There will be no towns when players first start Wild Terra Online, as every structure in the game will have to be built by a player. Food and other important tools will also have to be caught or created by players as well. It is up to the player how they wish to make their place in this world, finding a skill that will let them contribute and survive.




With this emphasis on players finding roles for themselves, Wild Terra Online will feature a player-driven economy. Wealth and useful items will also be distributed unevenly across the map, encouraging trade and cooperation.




This distribution of items can also encourage warfare, with players able to lay siege to other cities together. Players who wish for a more peaceful experience can opt into servers that don’t have PvP, though.




Wild Terra Online is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight, with the developers hoping to release it late 2016.

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