Players Summoning Tales Of Zestiria Mods


When it comes to Windows PC games, people have a way of putting together mods for even the most unexpected titles. It doesn’t matter if the official support is there or not, fans find a way. Tales of Zestiria is a perfect example. It’s only been out since October 19, but people have found a way to start tweaking the title to suit their likings.



For example, there’s already a Tales of Zestiria and Persona 3: FES mashup. A user by the name of Naxshe looked at the opening movie for the Tales game, decided “P3 FES,” the opening theme for Persona 3: FES by Yumi Kawamura and Lotus Juice, would go better with it than Superfly’s “White Light.” The result is the mod above, which replaces the original opening with another. The link to the download is on Naxshe’s YouTube page.


Here’s the original Tales of Zestiria opening, in comparison.



This isn’t the only Tales of Zestiria cosmetic change among the initial round of mods. A Steam user by the name of Crache has put together a Visual Revamp Mod. This mod adjusts the shading in the game, to make cinematics, maps, and general gameplay. It adjusts game textures, adds camera effects, improves highlights and shadows for better accents, and can be turned on and off in-game by pressing the scroll lock.

To show the difference Crache’s mod makes, here are some comparison screenshots that were taken by the user in-game. The images on the left don’t use the mod and ones on the right do.


ruins2-off ruins2-on skit1-off skit1-on waterway1-off waterway1-on ui1-off ui1-on cinematic3-off cinematic3-on


The final mod that people can grab for Tales of Zestiria right now is one that adds a noise whenever someone earns a Steam achievement in-game from Kaldaien. It’s based on a Batman: Arkham Knight audio mod that performed in the same way, and lets people know when they’ve done something by playing the PlayStation Network trophy notification noise.


Installing each of these Tales of Zestiria mods is easy, though it is advisable to backup game saves before installing any of them. While within Steam, right click on the game’s name in your library. From there, select Properties, head to the Local Files tab, and choose to Browse Local Files. In each case, it’s a matter of dragging and dropping the mod files into that folder.


No costume mods have been released for Tales of Zestiria as of yet, and there also aren’t any sort of trainers available. In the meantime, this may be a title to watch for future updates from innovative fans who enjoy the franchise.

Jenni Lada
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