Playing Nintendo Games In Tabletop Simulator


Tabletop Simulator is quite an extraordinary sandbox. Right from the start, people can get together and play an array of different games with the included bits and pieces. With mods, the options open up even further. People have gone out of their way to include games based on famous Nintendo series.


pokemon tcg


Let’s go ahead and start with the game everyone expects to be here. You know what I’m talking about, the Pokemon Trading Card Game. There are a number of Tabletop Simulator mods adding cards and mats to the game. Jmpaz’s is probably the best place to start. It gets you five decks that are already good to go, a playmat, and markers and counters. If you want, you could always add to it later, but this will ensure you a bright beginning.


pokemon master trainer


But the Tabletop Simulator mods aren’t only about making a more manageable version of a classic card game. They’re a means of reliving your childhood. For example, who here played Pokemon Master Trainer? It was a board game that let you basically try to be a Pokemon trainer outside of the games. It’s in Tabletop Simulator too, thanks to Zackeryfox. Artwork for the game was scanned, models were created, tokens made, all to provide an accurate conversion of the original 1999 board game. As someone who tried to relive past memories by grabbing a copy for $1.99 at a Goodwill, know that this is a much better option. So many tokens were missing from the one I found. So many.


loz hyrule fantasy


Speaking of another game that would be difficult to find complete outside of a Tabletop Simulator mod, you should really play The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Fantasy. This is a conversion and translation of the original Japanese board game from CaSquall |bob|. (Gyorn helped with hosting and Mexican created a dice mod.) Everything is recreated, from the character tokens, dice, cards, each player’s item board, and gameboard. You might need to also grab Marshall’s fix for file locations too, so keep that in mind if you grab this game to play.


skirmish wars


But any discussion of Nintendo-related mods for Tabletop Simulator has to cover Skirmish Wars: Advance Tactics. Advance Wars was amazing, and it’s still a shame that we haven’t seen a release in the series since Days of Ruin in 2008. With Goldensly’s mod, based on Stab Master Arson’s mod, you can savor something inspired by the series. Many of your favorite COs are there, there are unit and base tiles, you an create your own maps, and it all follows the same formula as the video games. This version even includes the Blitz expansion, adding even more air units and COs.


Installing all of these mods is effortless. Head to their Steam Workshop pages and subscribe. They’ll be waiting in Tabletop Simulator the next time you play. Tabletop Simulator is immediately available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

Jenni Lada
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