Playism Is Publishing Touhou’s First Official Release In The West



Playism has announced that it has teamed up with Team Shanghai Alice, headed by Zun who is the creator of the cult danmaku shooter series Touhou, to bring forth the first official release of a Touhou game in the west.


It will be the upcoming Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character that gets the honors of being the series’s first title officially available in English speaking countries. And, according to Playism, it will be available on the company’s English store (Playism EN) “sooner than you think.”


That said, Touhou 14 has been available on the Japanese Playism store since April 8th. It costs 1516 yen, which is about $12, so you can probably expect a similar price for the English version. As with other titles in the series, Touhou 14 has you playing as one of three shrine maidens, each with two different shot types, as they shoot and dodge through epic bullet hell fights.

Chris Priestman