PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Pro Sold 65,194 Units In Japan In Four Days



The PlayStation 4 Pro released on November 10 and it’s been reported that the upgraded console has already sold 65,194 units in Japan in its first four days of availability. Famitsu provides us with more details.



As shown in the chart above, the PlayStation 4 Pro has sold 65,194 units in the second week of November, and the PlayStation 4 family of consoles has sold 93,512 units all together. This number goes back to what we saw in mid-September when the new PlayStation 4 Slim model was released. Keep in mind that prior to the release of the PS4 Slim, Japan had a huge shortage in PS4 stock for a few weeks, so it certainly boosted its sales when the new model arrived.


With titles such as Final Fantasy XV releasing on November 29, The Last Guardian on December 6, and Yakuza 6 on December 8, we can expect to see plenty more PlayStation 4 Pro sales in Japan throughout the holiday season.

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