PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4’s New Firmware Update Will Let You Twitch Stream At 1080p And 60fps On PS4 Pro



The PlayStation 4’s upcoming firmware update version 5.0 is in the works, and Eurogamer got to check out an early copy of release notes for the update. Here are some highlights.


The first part that was highlighted is about an overhaul of the PS4’s master/sub account system. The new family accounts will be able to feature multiple adult accounts in a family, and will allow you to set roles such as parent/guardian and set parental controls on a per-account basis.


As far as the Twitch streaming goes, the new update will allow PlayStation 4 Pro users to stream at 1080p and 60fps. The ability to Remote Play and Share Play at 1080p is already possible with the PS4 Pro.


The 5.0 update will allow players to follow any user, similar to what you can already do on the Xbox One. At the moment you can follow verified accounts such as official accounts for games and developers.


Last but not least, minor changes are being made such as push notifications for events, spectator comments on screen while broadcasting in VR mode, the ability to link broadcasts to a PlayStation Community, and extra language support with Czech, Thai, Greek, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Romanian, and Hungarian.


A public release date for the 5.0 firmware has yet to be announced, but it’ll likely arrive in the near future along with a refreshed PlayStation app that will see improved designs and performance.