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The PlayStation 5 Price Is Seemingly Still Undetermined

PlayStation 5 price

Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki has suggested that the PlayStation 5 price has yet to be determined, due to a variety of factors. It, among other factors, has yet to be announced. [Thanks, VGC!]

When asked by an investor about the factors that Sony can control during the third-quarters earnings call, Totoki answered that the labor and personnel costs must be controlled, as well as the right volume of units to be produced. However, because Sony is competing in the same space as Microsoft (both in terms of next-gen high-end consoles and the holiday launch period), it’s hard to discuss the PlayStation 5 price at this point. He suggested that Sony is “playing a balancing act” where depending on the price level, the company’s promotion tactics and costs will change.

It should be mentioned that Microsoft has not yet announced the Xbox Series X price. This would likely affect Sony’s pricing plans as well.

Currently, only the logo and some of the features have been teased, but the fact that an official site is now open with email signups should mean that news could come at any time regarding pricing and launch games.

The PlayStation 5 is currently in development and is scheduled to launch during the Holiday 2020 period.

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