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PlayStation Denmark To Give Copies Of Bloodborne Away To Blood Donors



    PlayStation Denmark has teamed up with GivBlod to give away copies of Bloodborne to people who donate blood during an event on March 23rd between noon and 5PM at the ITU in Copenhagen.


    The event is an effort to encourage more men to donate blood in the country. Anyone can register as a blood donor or donate blood during the event and as thanks for doing so will be able to choose from a selection of PlayStation games. Bloodborne is one of them. The others games available haven’t been revealed as of yet.


    There’s also another draw that will be determined by dice roll available to those who give blood or have their blood tested during the event. The prize is a unique Bloodborne-themed PlayStation 4.


    In case any non-Danish people get the idea to fly over there to get a free copy of Bloodborne, do note that you can only register to sign-up as a blood donor in Denmark if you have lived there for at least one year, and have a Danish social security number.

    Chris Priestman

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