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PlayStation Mobile’s New Freemium Dungeon Crawler Is Simple Yet Punishing


Mysterious Land’s Labyrinth is a freemium dungeon crawler by RideonGames for PlayStation Mobile, where you’ll be playing as a young lady in search of the kingdom’s legendary treasure. The game play is rather simple, but it has some neat features such as rare items with latent effects, which can only be read by using its password on the official website.



A young lady by the name of Lidia Varl (pictured to the right) works at a bar called Schpeck Arbor, located in Massheim, the capital of the Kassel  Kingdom. Lidia is the remaining survivor of the Varl, a once known family of thieves. After the bar manager Siela left as the royal cook for the king and queen on their recent diplomatic visit, she returned with some unprecedented news…


They discovered an eerie labyrinth located in the north of Massheim, which was built by the first king of the Kassel Kingdom. The royal soldiers immediately proceeded to investigate the labyrinth, but nothing came of the expedition.


That’s when the royal mage Ulgan made the announcement, “The one who can retrieve the treasures left behind by our founding King, will receive a glorious reward!” which immediately sent adventurers from around the kingdom to seek out the lost treasures.


This marked the start of Lidia’s adventures, as she brushed up on the numerous techniques she learned from her father, together with Siela, they set out to challenge the mysterious labyrinth.


Your main objective is to seek out the legendary treasure left behind by the founding king of the Kassel Kingdom. You’ll be exploring dungeons called Labyrinths, while picking up weapons, armor, staves and other items. Leveling up will help you take on stronger monsters, but using your own wits will be the biggest factor in making it out alive.



In Mysterious Land’s Labyrinth, the dungeons will always be changing. Not only the layout but also the monsters and items, on each run. So taking notes won’t exactly help as they would for other dungeon crawler games.



The dungeon layouts might be different but the turn-based system is similar to those of other dungeon crawlers, such as the Etrian Odyssey series. When Lidia takes a step, so will the enemies. Using items will also count as a turn.


Getting defeated in the dungeon will result in a loss of items and Lidia will also go back to level 1. Mysterious Land’s Labyrinth is quite punishing, as it will be more about leveling yourself up as the player, by learning from trial and error, so you can know what precautions to take after learning from past mistakes.


You’ll be finding a bunch of cooking ingredients in dungeons. These can be used to cook up foods at the bar, which can be consumed prior to your exploration for various enhancements. You’ll be allowed to eat once before leaving to the dungeon.


2013-06-05_031629 In addition to the ingredients,  you’ll be able to find some rare items in dungeons. Some rare items with latent effects. However, you won’t know what these effects are, until you look up the item’s password on the official website, which will tell you how the item can be used.


Mysterious Land’s Labyrinth was released today for Android devices. It is free to play, while featuring premium cash shop items. PS Mobile titles are also compatible with the PlayStation Vita.


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