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PlayStation Player Celebration to Reward Players With Exclusive Goodies

PlayStation Player Celebration

Sony may be skipping PAX and E3, but it can still show appreciation for its players in the last refuge from COVID-19 coronavirus fears–the internet. The company is inviting users to join in the PlayStation Player Celebration event on the PlayStation Network. Rewards will be given out just for participating, including two exclusive PlayStation 4 themes and six PSN avatar images.

Participation is fairly simple, as the event is based on your activity as a player. Once signed up via the PlayStation Player Celebration site, the PlayStation Network will automatically track your activity towards two community goals. Any games played for at least an hour will count towards the first goal. Any trophies earned will count towards the second goal. Multiplayer game trophies count as double up to six times each day. Once the community hits a PlayStation Player Celebration goal, the rewards unlock for all participating players. They’ll get their prizes via their PlayStation 4 system notifications.

Further on, from March 17, 2020 at 11am Pacific Time, anyone who signs up can answer a “skill-based” question for a chance to win a “PlayStation kit”. It includes codes for a selection of PlayStation 4 games, a $100 USD PlayStation Store voucher, and a physical Platinum Trophy, engraved with the winner’s PSN ID.

Tracking for the community goals will begin on February 24, 2020, so there’s still time to sign up to join PlayStation Player Celebration.

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