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PlayStation Vita Platformer Dokuro Wanders Onto Smartphones For $1



Dokuro was a fiendishly difficult PlayStation Vita game for those who enjoy their platforming punishment. And now, the skeleton-hero has double-jumped and swapped the wrong potion, teleporting him and the princess into the realm of the smartphone.


Yes, the game’s made the jump to smartphone platforms on both iOS and Android, and is out right now for just $0.99. Kris found it both maddening but lovely in his playtest last year.



Fans wondering if the game made the transition as safely as the princess you have to help escape can feel safe in the knowledge that all the levels have been ported over, although the game’s difficulty has been slightly adjusted to give you a little bit of leeway if you’re the sort unfortunate enough to have to jostle around while on your commutes.


The game makes heavy use of the touch-screen in the Vita version to simulate different forms of chalk and their special abilities—such as blue creating water levels and red fire lines. Smartphone users don’t need much to port that over, but the gamepad has been turned into a virtual, on-screen version.