PlayStation X Discord Account Linking Features Detailed

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It’s been several months since the PlayStation X Discord partnership was first announced, but the team-up has borne fruit. A new update on the official Discord Blog revealed Discord integration with the PlayStation Network has begun, so people can show what they’re playing on a PS4 or PS5.

According to the blog entry, users on the PS4 and PS5 will be able to link their PSN accounts to Discord. This will enable them to display their game activity on those platforms within the Discord app. They’ll also be able to display their PSN online IDs to their Discord friends. The blog brings up one specific benefit of this scenario: Players who play a cross-platform compatible game will be able to coordinate joining games more easily. The feature is “gradually” rolling out to Discord users.

To actually sign up for the PlayStation X Discord integration, the process is fairly simple and similar to other Discord service hookups. Players can connect their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts via the user settings page on mobile, web, or the desktop app. Once connected, Discord will then be able to show off players’ PS4 and PS5 game activity in real-time.

One caveat: PlayStation users must set their PSN Online Status and “Now Playing” visibility settings (seein in the PSN privacy settings) to “Anyone”. Otherwise, Discord won’t be able to broadcast their status.

Discord is available on PC and mobile platforms. The PSN integration is in gradual rollout.

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