Please, Don’t Touch Anything: A Puzzle Game About Doing Nothing



Please, Don’t Touch Anything is a puzzle game that masks itself as being about… well, doing nothing. A colleague goes to the bathroom and leaves you in front of a steel panel with a red button. The game’s title is the last thing they say to you.


So, what do you do? You’re told to sit there, look after the place, and touch nothing. But, no doubt, all you can think about is touching that big red button in front of you, huh? That’s reverse psychology for you.


Even if you aren’t thinking about touching that button the monologue of the character you’re playing will ensure that you are. The in-game text pops up questioning what the use of the button might be, what the instructions on the wall mean, and which city is displayed in the image in front of you. Is any of this linked? Does it even mean anything? The way that the game messes with you is reminiscent of The Stanley Parable.



Perhaps you’ll go ahead and touch the button, perhaps you won’t. This game is an enigma—it’s wrapped in puzzles to discover, the mystery enshrouded in an exciting sense of danger.


Curious? If you want to find out where Please, Don’t Touch Anything goes, you can purchase it on Steam for $4.99.

Chris Priestman