Pocket Monsters: The Origin’s First Trailer Shows Many Familiar Faces


In our earlier report, we got a glimpse of the new Pokémon anime, Pocket Monsters: The Origin that will feature a new protagonist set in the Kanto region of the first generation games. While the trailer was shown at the ongoing Pokémon Game Show, the Pokémon Company followed up with an upload of the trailer, just moments ago.



The trailer starts with the line, “To everyone who played Pokémon Red and Green,” followed by a familiar scene of Professor Oak giving the protagonist his Pokédex and his very first Pokémon, which ends up being Charmander, instead of Pikachu as seen in the original series.


We also get a quick look at a Pokémon battle between the protagonist’s Charmander and Brock’s Geodude, and a brief appearance by the Champion Lance, followed by the quote, “The beginning of it all. The world of Pokémon Red and Green will be revived with a new original animation!”


The trailer also shows the rival Green (or Gary) fighting with a Blastoise, so we know which Pokémon he’ll be starting with!


Pocket Monsters: The Origin will air on October 2nd on TV Tokyo at 7 pm.


Update: It appears that Pocket Monsters: The Origin is indeed a TV special.


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