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Poisoft Launches Order Land! Localization Kickstarter


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Last month on September 28, 2017, Poisoft’s Order Land! joined the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan. Now, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched in the hopes of not only translating the Nintendo Switch version of the game into English, but to also bring the game to the Xbox One and PC. Poisoft is hoping to raise $44,573 by November 11, 2017.


Order Land! is a simulation games with multiple parts. King Mode is a simulation game where people are a king, deciding the course of the kingdom. You get to try and make your country civilized, deal with heroes in both positive and negative ways, work with your people, deal with the devil, fight wars, engage in diplomacy, and get political. Your decisions could make you a kind or ruthless monarch. Training Mode lets you create heroes and prepare them. Hero Mode plays more like a typical, turn-based RPG, as you go around the kingdom, engaging in heroic endeavors.


The Order Land! Kickstarter gets rather interesting. It is designed to both translate the existing copy of Order Land! for the Nintendo Switch into English, then port it to the PC and Xbox One. Poisoft notes that the game is built using Unity. However, the “Risks and Challenges” section of the page says it is “seeking English translation cost.” This portion of the page also asks people who support the project to feel free to ask questions and provide advice, like recommending a “good translator.”


A few stretch goals have already been revealed for the Order Land! Kickstarter. A PlayStation 4 version is listed as a ¥6,000,000 (~$53,610) stretch goal. There are also Ikusa no Kuni and Devil Modes suggested at the ¥7,000,000 (~$62,544) and ¥9,000,000 (~$80,406) levels of funding. Other goals include an additional monster, a new scenario, and rank match functionality.


The pledge tiers for Order Land! also offer some odd rewards. To get a Nintendo Switch, Steam, or Xbox One download code, you need to kick in at least ¥1,000 (~$9). ¥10,000 (~$89) gets you the game, a poster, a mug, and a shirt. The ¥20,000 (~$179) tiers get interesting, as Gallant Prince gets you a game code for the platform of your choice and a Japanese Nintendo 3DS signed by Hiroshi Ishikawa and Gallant Princess gets you the game and a Japanese Nintendo 3DS signed by Akihiro Nakagawa. ¥50,000 (~$447) makes you a Special Noble with a download code for Order Land! for a designated platform and a Japanese New Nintendo 3DS that has every Poisoft Nintendo 3DS game and theme on it.



Order Land! originally appeared on the Wii in Japan in 2009 as Order! and is Poisoft’s first game. This first iteration only offered the King Mode, where you were a king reigning over the land. In 2013, Order Land! launched on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, adding the Hero Mode portion of the game.

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