Pokemon 25th Anniversary Collaborations Will Involve Katy Perry and McDonald’s

pokemon katy perry

We have some new hints about some of the upcoming Pokemon 25th anniversary collaborations. To start, companies will have special merchandise or items to honor the occasion, with The Pokemon Company International confirming McDonald’s and Levi’s will both be among the partners. There will also be a P25 Music Pokemon album with songs from artists like Katy Perry.

There’s only a vague hint at what her contribution could entail. A new video called “25 Years of Memories” looks at different elements of the series via a Rube Goldberg machine. At the very end, we see a record start playing with Pokemon and Katy Perry on it, and the only word we hear her sing is “electric.” The Pokemon Company International also shared a photograph from Christine Hahn that has the singer in front of an outline of a Pikachu’s tail.

This Pokemon Katy Perry song would mark her second big appearance connected to a major game franchise, outside of her songs appearing in rhythm games. She previously appeared in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. The crossover entailed her appearing as a playable character in-game and having her “Immortal Flame” song used in it.

The very first Pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Green, appeared in Japan on February 27, 1996.

Image Source: Christine Hahn

Jenni Lada
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