Pokemon Applin and Galar Region Meowth Plush Toys Will Arrive in December

Pokemon Sword Shield Meowth Perrserker Applin Plush Toys

A new set of Pokemon plush toys is currently in production, and soon consumers will be able to get their hands on the delicious looking Applin and the Galar region Meowth variant and its evolution. Each plush will cost ¥1,815 or roughly $16 and can be purchased through the Pokemon Center website. The Galarian Meowth, Perrserker, and Applin plush toys can be purchased on December 3 and will ship December 5, 2020. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

However, the website does contain a disclaimer. Due to the current situation surrounding the production area, the release date may be postponed or canceled.  You can take a look at the Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Meowth, Perrserker, and Applin plush toys below.

As you can see above, the Pokemon Applin, Galarian Meowth, and Perrserker plush toys have all of the charm that their in-game counterparts have.

Outside of these adorable new plush toys, consumers can get their hands on other upcoming Pokemon related merchandise. Watch brand Seiko will release a series of Pokemon inspired watches. The watches will come in three versions, each representing a different iconic pocket monster from Pokemon Red and Blue.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are immediately available to purchase on the Nintendo Switch.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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