Pokemon Bidoof’s Big Stand Animated Video Stars an Underdog

Pokemon Bidoof’s Big Stand Animated Video Stars an Underdog

There’s a new Pokemon animated video starring Bidoof. The new short isn’t affiliated with any specific game. Rather, it focuses on the life and times of one particular Bidoof. While they are often misunderstood, the story follows as they attempt to prove themself.

Things start out with the Bidoof living in the wild. They are one of many others in its group. However, their good intentions and actions often go awry. This leads to them setting off on their own. Even a pair of Piplups won’t take the time to play with the Bidoof.

However, it is a chance encounter with some Starlys and a Staraptor that gives Bidoof an opportunity to find someone who appreciates them. They run into a trainer and his Lucario. He takes the Bidoof on as a Pokemon, which leads to a moment in the spotlight.

Here’s “Bidoof’s Big Stand.”

This is the second fairly recent video making a big deal out of Bidoof. Back in July 2021, Bidoof Day was celebrated with a “Rickroll.” People were also able to buy certain merchandise from The Pokemon Center, take part in special Pokemon GO tasks, and get cosmetic items in Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

The next Pokemon game to have Bidoof in it will be Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It will come to the Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022.

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