Pokemon Corogarena is a New Medal Arcade Game From Sega

Pokemon Corogarena arcade cabinet

Sega revealed Pokemon Corogarena, a new medal arcade game based on the Pokemon franchise. It will hold a location test for the new game at Sega Makuhari in Chiba City for a limited time from October 28, 2021.

The Pokemon Corogarena official site has an explanation of the gameplay flow. The player will start with a Pikachu and roll a digital die. Pikachu will move with the number of steps determined by the die. When it stops on a Get Mode spot, the player will encounter several Pokemon that can be caught by throwing balls at them.

After obtaining a full party of six Pokemon, the player will move into the Battle Mode. Use the collected Pokemon to deal damage to the strong enemy. When the player wins the battle, they will enter a bonus roulette that can give various kinds of chances. They range from medal multipliers to opportunities for encountering Mew and Mewtwo.

Sega’s Pokemon Corogarena will add more variety into the lineup of Pokemon games in Japanese arcade centers. Takara Tomy and Marvelous previously released Pokemon Mezastar as a successor to Pokemon Ga-Ole in September 2020, and it is still actively running in Japan as of this writing.

Pokemon Corogarena will be available on arcades in Japan.

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