Last year, Pokémon developers Game Freak released Soliti Horse, a game that mixed elements of horse racing and Solitaire in one, as a Nintendo 3DS eShop title. The game’s official website revealed that it’s headed to smartphones, too.


Soliti Horse for smartphone is pretty much the same as its Nintendo 3DS counterpart, which you can check out here, but it will also include a competitive versus mode, where you can race your horses with other players.


It bears mentioning that just because a game made by Game Freak is headed to smartphones, it doesn’t mean they will be releasing Pokémon for phones  any time soon, even though they’ve released things like the Pokédex and Trading Card Game as parts of smaller apps.


The reason for this is that The Pokémon Company is partly owned by Nintendo, and is meant to market the Pokémon franchise in any way, thus giving it the autonomy to promote the series through smartphones, similar to Nintendo’s own initiatives such as Mario Kart TV.


However, Game Freak is a separate studio that works on Pokémon, and unlike Intelligent Systems, they simply just share a close relationship with Nintendo, which gives them the ability to release their self-published games on phones after their initial 3DS release.


Game Freak are currently looking for about 2,000 players for the beta test of Soliti Horse on Android, which started yesterday and will continue until August 28. The fullg ame is expected to release sometime this fall in Japan on smartphone.

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