Pokemon GO Beginning to Let You Invite Friends to Raids

Pokemon GO

Niantic rolled out a new feature for Pokemon GO that will allow players to invite friends into their Raids. Currently, the feature is only available for high-level players, but will be rolled out further as Niantic monitors and makes sure it is stable.

Using the new feature, you can invite friends nearby to join your current session, which is handy as sometimes players can end up on different groups when there are many people. It is also possible to invite faraway friends if they have a Remote Raid Pass. Players from Level 32-40 are able to use this feature for now. As part of this update, Raid Passes are being adjusted so that they are used at the start of a battle, rather than when players join a session.

In other recent news, Niantic has also released a few freebies for Pokemon GO Fest 2020 that celebrate the game’s fourth anniversary. These include downloadable pictures to create pennants and papercraft printouts that will allow you to create real-life versions of things like the Gifts you give in-game to friends. Pokemon GO Fest is set to be held across two days from July 25-26, 2020.

Pokemon GO is available on Apple iOS and Android devices. Recently, Team Rocket’s Jessie and James were added to the game.

Alistair Wong
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