Pokemon Grassy Gardening Collection to Include Squirtle Watering Can

Pokemon Squirtle Watering Can

Items from the previously announced Pokemon Grassy Gardening Collection will be available to purchase very soon. This collection features a plethora of Pokemon themed gardening items, such as a Squirtle watering can, a Pokemon themed plant cultivation set, apron, and tote bag. Consumers will be able to purchase these items from Pokemon Center locations on May 15, 2021. Digital purchases for these items, however, opened on May 13, 2021. [Thanks, Livedoor News!]

These gardening themed goods are immediately available to purchase through the Pokemon Center online storefront. This includes the mentioned Squirtle watering can, among a plethora of other items. A tweet from the official Pokemon Daisuke Club Twitter account includes a video of the Squirtle watering can, reenacting a scene from Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Consumers can get their hands on the Squirtle watering can for ¥3,960 or roughly $36. Additionally, orders for the watering can are limited to one per-person through the online shop. The Pokemon Grassy Gardening cultivator set costs ¥1,320 or approximately $12. Whereas the special apron will cost ¥2,750 or $25.

Other gardening adjacent Pokemon merchandise includes a series of newly announced Pokemon bonsai figures. A total of seven Pokemon bonsai figures are set to release, each with a unique plant and Pokemon.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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