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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Introduces New Screenshots & Features


Earlier today, The Pokemon Company revealed Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, a remake of the original pair of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games that released simultaneously for GBA and NDS. The Japanese official website is open, re-introducing the world of Pokemon, gameplay, and more.


One day, you woke up to see a Pokemon in front of you. For some reason, you could understand what it was saying.

When you took a closer look at yourself, you had become a Pokemon yourself!

Even though you were human yesterday, you have no idea just what turned you into a Pokemon.

According to the Pokemon, this world has been affected by natural shifts recently, causing various incidents to occur. You and your partner form a Rescue Team in order to help Pokemon in need.

Just what is causing these weird events, and just why did you turn into a Pokemon? Will you be able to find out the truth?


The world you’ve fallen into is only inhabited by Pokemon. Right in the middle of it is Pokemon Square. The unique and lively Pokemon at Pokemon Square will help you out on your journey.


There are 16 Pokemon who you can become, and choose to be your partner. Now then, who will you become…?

At the start of the game, you’ll be asked several questions that determines which Pokemon you are. Next, you’ll be asked to choose your partner in adventure. This partner will form the Rescue Team with you, and will share in both your joy and pain.

Of course, if you feel you were misjudged in terms of which Pokemon you are, you can decide to choose who to be yourself.

Rescue Team

As a Rescue Team, your job is to help Pokemon in need. The rescue requests can be found at the Notice Board in Pelipper’s Post Office, as well via letters sent to your mailbox, and more. When you complete missions, you gain Rescue Points. When you reach a certain threshold, you’ll rank up. At the start, you’re just Rookie Rank, but try to aim for the prestigious Gold Rank!

As you complete requests, you’ll work alongside not only your partner, but lots of other Pokemon who will join your team.  Some Pokemon you help might even decide to join after you clear a dungeon.

The learnable moves differ between Pokemon, so when you set out on a rescue mission, who you bring along will be something to consider.

Mystery Dungeons

In this world, there are various ‘Mystery Dungeons’ that exist, which change in shape each time you visit. In order to fulfill your requests, you must adventure through these dungeons.

The dungeons are contained with Seeds, Mushrooms, TMs, and other useful items. What is found inside also changes each time. Use items wisely, and help the Pokemon inside.

The dungeons are teeming with Pokemon who will attack you and your partner, In the dungeons, each action you do will cause them to take a turn as well. In this turn-based exploration game, enemies won’t move unless you do, so think clearly what you will do next before taking the next step. If you panic and mash buttons, you’ll end up in great danger. Considering enemy actions and keeping a cool head are key to survival.

New Features on the Nintendo Switch version

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, you can swap between Docked and Handheld modes thanks to the Switch’s functions. Additionally, there are some new Assist features.


In this game, you can easily progress with Auto-Movement. By pressing L, your main character will begin moving efficiently around. When an enemy approaches, Auto-Movement will automatically turn itself off.

You can tell if it’s on via the white ring around your character.

Auto Use Moves

Usually, players choose moves between up to four different moves. If you can’t decide what to use, press A in front of enemies right in front of you, and a move suitable against that enemy will be used.

Bring Up to 8 Allies!

While you can only start a dungeon with three total Pokemon including yourself, you can add Pokemon to your crew in dungeons. You can bring along up to 8 Pokemon at once with you via this method.

Get Help From Others!

A feature returning from the original games, if you fall in exploration, you can send out rescue requests of your own. If another team of yours or another player’s takes your request and helps you, you revive on the spot!

Helpful Allies

Kecleon Shop

The Kecleon Brothers run a shop, with the left shop selling stones, berries, seeds, and more. The shop on the right is a specialty store that sells TMs. Some of their brethren also run stores in dungeons.

Persian Bank

You can collect Poke currency over the world, and save or withdraw your money in this bank. Because you lose all your Poke when you faint in dungeons, you might want to let Persian safeguard your money so you don’t immediately go broke. It’s best to consult with Persian right before leaving on rescue requests.

Kangaskhan Storage

Essentially a bank for items where you can store and withdraw items you’ve collected. You lose everything if you faint in dungeons, so keep your important items here!

Makuhita Dojo

A training facility created to help the Rescue Teams. You can go through Dojo Drills to learn basic actions and level up in various rooms, and aim to strengthen your Rescue Team.

Gulpin Link Shop

A facility where you can link moves, ie. use them right after each other. You can also unlink, and remember forgotten moves here.

Wigglytuff’s Camp Corner

A place where you can buy ‘Camps’, where Pokemon who are in your Rescue Team but are off duty will stay. (You need certain Camps to get certain species of Pokemon to join!)

Pelipper Post Office

At the very end of Pokemon Square is the Pelipper Post Office, where they handle Rescue Team requests, and stick certain requests on their Notice Board.

Wonder Mail

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series’ Wonder Mail feature returns, where you can enter passwords to get special items, and special requests in which Pokemon will join after you complete the dungeon. (Passwords will be revealed at various points in time.)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX will come to the Nintendo Switch on March 6, 2020. The demo is available today. Check out the first trailer here.

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