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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Finally Get Home Support for Real

Pokemon Home Scarlet Violet
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From May 30, 2023, Pokemon Home will start supporting for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Once you connect your game to Pokemon Home, you’ll receive a Sprigatito, a Fuecoco, and a Quaxly. All three of them will have their Hidden Ability. As well, you’ll be able to transfer in Pokemon that Game Freak coded into Scarlet and Violet, but never made obtainable in Paldea.

The full list of Pokemon that you’ll be able to transfer to and from Scarlet and Violet is available via Serebii. Some Pokemon were obtainable through limited events, such as Charizard or Typhlosion. You could only get them through Tera Raids or, if you missed them, trading. This also gives us the chance to transfer in Pokemon from their previous journeys. So if you have an emotional attachment to a Pokemon partner from, say, X or Y, you’ll be able to bring them with you as you travel through Paldea.

In late 2022, before the official launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in Spring 2023, Nintendo announced that the game would not have Pokemon Home support at launch. It never gave an official reason as to why that was. In mid-May 2023, Nintendo announced a May 24, 2023 release date. However, this was a mistake. Seeing as that was last week, the delay was not very long. Pokemon Home is a subscription-based cloud service that allows you to keep all of your Pokemon in one place, as well as transfer them around. It only supports Switch games, as well as Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are readily available on the Nintendo Switch. You’ll be able to link your Pokemon Home account with your Scarlet/Violet file from May 30, 2023.

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