Pokemon Sumo Collab Features Gen 4 Starters and Legends

Pokemon Sumo Banners

The Sumo Association unveiled new banners as part of its ongoing collaboration with The Pokemon Company. This time, the new banners will focus on Pokemon introduced in the fourth generation games Pokemon DiamondPearl, and Platinum. Furthermore, it also revealed two special kimonos with Pokemon-inspired designs. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Similar to the previous collaboration from 2021, the promotional material features Pikachu and the Sumo Pokemon Hariyama. Traditionally, Sumo tournaments will show off promotional banners at the beginning of the match. Previously, these banners featured Pikachu, Makuhita, and the original game covers of Pokemon Red and Green.

During the January basho, these banners will feature the starter Pokemon from the fourth generation Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. Additionally, legendary Pokemon Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus will also appear. Those won’t be the only banners, though, as the Sumo Association plans to show off over 200 banners of game covers spanning several generations.

Furthermore, the Gyoji (referees in Sumo) will also wear special Pokemon-themed kimono during the event period. One of these kimonos has a distinct pixel-art design that is reminiscent of older Pokemon titles.

Check out the Pokemon Sumo collab banners and kimono in the screenshots below.

If you’re interested in seeing the banners in action, you can catch the January basho tournament from January 9 to 23, 2022. You can also see more images of the banners and promotional material via the Sumo Association Pokemon collaboration official website.

Andrew Kiya
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