Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 8 Gathers the Best Trainers of Galar

Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 8 The Gathering of Stars

Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 8 “The Gathering of Stars” is now available in English. The episode follows former Champion Leon, who gathers the best Trainers of Galar for the Galarian Star Tournament.

Watch Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 8 – The Gathering of Stars in English below:

Episode 8 features Leon, who travels in search of the best Trainers of the Galar region. He starts with the Isle of Armor to visit his former master Mustard. After a Charizard vs. Mienshao battle, he hands Mustard an invitation, then makes a quick visit to all of the other Trainers. The episode ends with the Trainers gathered for what ends up being the Galarian Star Tournament opening.

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