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Pokemon Unite Switch Launches in July

pokemon unite switch july

Pokemon Unite launch windows are here, with things kicking off on the Switch in July 2021. It will be the first system to get the free-to-start MOBA. Then, come September 2021, it will show up on Android and Apple iOS devices. Cross-play and cross-saves are confirmed, so long as someone connects via a Nintendo or Pokemon Trainer account.

The announcement also included new details about the game itself. Each player is taking part in Aeos Island’s Unite Battle Committee tournaments with their Pokemon. Each person has one Pokemon they use. You join a team of five other players and try to capture opponent’s control points and fight trainer’s or wild Pokemon to earn points. The side with the highest score wins. As you play through a match, your Pokemon will level up and learn new moves.

Some of the obtainable items were confirmed. This is a game with paid Aeos gems and in-game Aeos coins and tickets. Both gems and coins let you buy Unite Licenses, which allow you to use certain playable Pokemon. Gems, coins, and tickets can all be used to get clothing and accessories to wear. Gems and coins are used on held items. Only gems can be used on Holowear and upgraded battle passes. Though the normal battle pass doesn’t cost gems.

Here’s the new Pokemon Unite Switch and mobile trailer.

Pokemon Unite will come to the Nintendo Switch in July 2021. Later, it will show up on Android and Apple iOS devices in September 2021.

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