Pokkén Tournament Will Be Played With This Controller



Producer Katsuhiro Harada shared a first look at Pokkén Tournament’s arcade system today, and also shared a look at the controller that will be used to play the game.


During the livestream, Harada first reiterated that Pokkén Tournament isn’t going to be as difficult to get into compared to other fighting games, and that Namco are developing it with both veteran players and newcomers to the genre in mind.


Following that, he showed off the new controller that will be used for the arcade title. The reason they chose a controller is so it would make the game easier for beginners to get into, as arcade sticks can be a little difficult or intimidating for those who’ve yet to play a fighting game.



The controller has a red part that lights up below, and it also has trigger buttons, and traditional D-pad along with four face buttons. It’s said to resemble the look of the Famicom controller.


Food for thought:

How interesting that Pokkén Tournament uses a console-style controller.

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