Pokkén Tournament’s Latest Video Summarizes All Of The Game’s Features



We recently received the latest details on Pokkén Tournament during JAEPO 2015, and Bandai Namco put together a new video that shows off all of the game’s basic features, including plenty of battle scenes. Here’s a look at the latest of the Poké-fighter.



Starting at the 0:40 mark of the video, we get to see some of the playable characters of Pokkén Tournament. Lucario is a balanced fighter, Machamp is all about pure power, Gardevoir and Suicune excel at long-ranged attacks, while Pikachu uses speed and powerful electric attacks to take down foes.


The video then shares more on the battle system of the game at 1:45. The fights are split into two phases—Field Phase and Duel Phase. During both phases, players will charge up their meters to use the powerful Resonance Burst mode, to transform and launch powerful attacks.


At 2:20, Namco highlight some of the Support Pokémon you’ll get to use in battle. Each of these Support Pokémon have their own unique abilities and speed, so you’ll get to choose whichever ones fit your playstyle best.


Next, they show a little bit more about the controls of the game. If you’re curious about what each button does, you can check out our previous report for details on this subject.


Pokkén Tournament is an arcade title, but it has online feature that will allow players to go against others that are in different arcade shops around the country. At 2:50 they show some of the different modes with Tutorial Mode, Single Mode, Local Versus Mode, and you can also use the Bana Passport Card to increase the skill level of the Pokémon you play as.


Pokkén Tournament will launch in Japanese arcades this summer.

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