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Pokkén Tournament Video For Wii U Demonstrates Pikachu Vs. Lucario And Its Controls



Pokkén Tournament is releasing worldwide on March 18, and The Pokémon Company started a series of demonstration videos, with the first one featuring Pikachu and Lucario.


The video demonstrates a some of its gameplay with a fight between Pikachu and Lucario, while showing off the controls and how to pull off moves using the Wii U GamePad.


At the 0:43 mark of the video, it shows how you can perform a “Resonance Burst” when the Resonance Gauge fills up. This is done by pressing L+R and it powers up your Pokémon. While in Resonance Burst state, you can press L+R again for a powerful Burst Attack, such as Pikachu’s “Voltekken.”


Pokkén Tournament will release in Japan, North America, and Europe on March 18, 2016 for Wii U.

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