Pokémon Fans Will Soon Be Able To Catch Squirtle At Build-A-Bear Workshops


In the past, Build-a-Bear Workshops over the US have collaborated with The Pokémon Company to bring a handful of the popular creatures to the stores as cute, customizable plushies. Pikachu, Eevee, and Charmander have been available previously, and now the spotlight will be on Squirtle in the near future. [Thanks, WWG.]

Starting June 1st, you’ll be able to pick up your very own Squirtle plush at Build-a-Bear stores across the country, and will also come with an exclusive limited-edition Pokémon Trading Card Game card featuring the Build-a-Bear logo. Squirtle will also come with a couple of different outfits you can dress your new friend in. The first is an Ultra Ball hoodie which will be available stores, while the second outfit, a Poke-ball print rain slicker, will only be obtainable through the company’s website. Lastly, you can buy a special online-exclusive set which will include Squirtle, both outfits, the Trading Card, and a special 6-in-1 soundchip that features Squirtle’s voice.

Alone, the Squirtle plush will cost $28.00, while the Deluxe Edition online-exclusive set will be $60. The Ultra Ball Hoodie will also be sold separately for $10.50.