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Pokémon Gold & Silver’s Packaged Versions In Japan Include Plenty Of Goodies



    We learned earlier today that Europe is getting packaged versions for Pokémon Gold & Silver’s Virtual Console release, and Nintendo announced that Japan is getting it too, along with extra goodies.


    Similar to what we saw for Europe, the Japanese packaged versions of Pokémon Gold & Silver are being made to look like the package of the original Game Boy Color boxes.


    It’ll go for 1,500 yen and comes with the following items:

    set-image-1Download card x 1

    set-image-2 Stickers in the style of a game manual



    Cartridge-style magnet

    set-image-4Pokémon Gold & Silver poster (with type affinities)


    Pokémon Gold & Silver releases on September 22, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

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