Pokémon Supports Japanese National Soccer Team With Pikachu Jerseys



With the World Cup 2014 taking place in a couple more weeks, the Japanese team will need all the support they can get from fans, and what better way to do so than having the beloved Pokémon mascot Pikachu on your side? Inside Games shows a look at Adidas Japan and Pokémon’s collaboration.


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The above is a look at a replica of the Japanese “home” jerseys for the upcoming World Cup games, with an added Pikachu on the right part of the chest. The concept behind the jersey is part of Adidas Japan’s Enjin (Ring) Project, named after the circle players make when they huddle together.


The goal of the project is to get more Japanese fans involved in supporting their national squad, and they figured that Pikachu would be the best way to get the younger kids interested in doing so.


Adidas Japan will also release other collaborative goods such as T-shirts, towels, scarves, and more. As for the jersey, they’re currently available in Japan for 7,400 yen (plus tax.)


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