Pokémon VR Lets You Battle Pokémon In Virtual Reality



    Your dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer has just got a little closer with the arrival of Pokémon VR.


    This is a virtual reality game made for the Leap Motion 3D Jam. It uses a VR headset, a Leap Motion controller, and VoiceAttack to put you inside a virtual space where you control the action with your head movements, voice, and hands.


    As you can see in the video above, the Leap Motion controller detects your hand movements, allowing you to throw a PokéBall into the 3D space, at which point a Pikachu emerges. But first, you have to look to your right to pick it up.


    Once your Pikachu has been called forth, you can shove it with your hands to initiate an attack upon the Magnemite that stands opposite you in the battle. When the attack screen pops up, you have to say the attack names for Pikachu to perform them.


    Then, once the Magnemite has fainted, you look to the left and pick up a PokéBall to throw at it and capture it for yourself.


    You can download Pokémon VR for free on You will, of course, need to have a VR headset and a Leap Motion controller for it to work.

    Chris Priestman

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